Guest Interview: Nancy the Bra Fitter

The Giggs presents an interview with a bra fitter from Dillard’s

The Training Process:
We had what we call “Fit Academy” and you go for two days and they just teach you about bras and how to fit people and how to interact. Yeah it was fun. It was a lot of info. You’d be amazed at what goes into it.

What you want out of your bra:
1. Bra tacks flat on your chest
2. When you put your arms up your bra doesn’t move
3. They fill out the cup properly
4. Straps are adjusted so they don’t fall over the shoulders
5. Overall good look that they like

Do people usually have the wrong size?
95% of the time.

Why get fitted?
It only takes a minute. It’s amazing the difference the right size bra can make. It can make you look thinner, it can give you more definition; it’s just better for you all around.

How often should you get fitted?
Every time you get a bra, you should get fit.

Maintenance Steps for Your Bras:
Well you should never wear a bra more than two days in a row. You should always, if you can, hand-wash it. If you can’t, then wash it in a laundry bag and never dry it.

How often should you buy bras?
I’d say every 6 months.

Your bra is worn out when…
Oh your straps start falling – if you have to adjust your bra in any way, shape or form more than twice in a day, you need a new bra.

The Best Bra out there right now:
Any “Wacoal”


Want to test your newfound bra knowledge? Take this quiz!

music: “Sex” by The 1975


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