Role Model: Rebel Wilson

Ever since she stole the scene in Bridesmaids, Rebel Wilson has taken cinema by storm. She has fearlessly taken on very daring characters, including the infamous Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect. Needless to say, Rebel Wilson is extremely comfortable in her skin, and owns every aspect of herself. What’s truly inspiring about Rebel Wilson is that she never apologizes for her quirkiness, and she does things that are normally frowned upon for a woman her size. She dresses provocatively, she dances, and she knows she’s sexy. Even in Bachelorette, when Wilson played a secondary character, she fought for what she believed in and got rid of a scene where her character glorified bulimia. No matter what, Rebel Wilson remains true to what she believes in, and like all great artists, she bravely uses her talent to take a stand and eventually make a difference.

“Even when I’m playing someone named Fat Amy, I’m all about confidence and attitude.” – Rebel Wilson

source: Rolling Out

source: Rolling Out


2 thoughts on “Role Model: Rebel Wilson

  1. Absolutely! Turns out, her biggest discussion of body image issues was when she hosted the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. Being true to her style, she did it in a very comedic way. While discussing the importance of body positivity and her own body image issues, Rebel Wilson pulled a “Janet Jackson,” and revealed her breast. However, this was a fake breast with two nipples on it, suggesting that this was in fact what she was embarrassed about. This daring and sarcastic performance played with people’s expectations. Most likely, people assumed that her body image issue had to do with her weight, but in fact it was something else (at least according to the bit). By doing this, Rebel Wilson called into question people’s assumptions. In my opinion, the best part about this stunt was that she stuck to her true self. She decided that by sticking with her strength, comedy, she would have the most impact. To see the speech, go to Perez Hilton’s post:

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