NYC Women Fight Summer Heat and Double Standards

source: Refinery 29

source: Refinery 29

Yes, in the state of New York, it is legal for women to go topless. At first, this thought seems shocking and, well, indecent. But take a moment to stop and think about it: men go topless without a care in the world. Why can’t the same be true for women? That is, despite the comfort level of keeping everything contained. Elizabeth Siematkowski, of Refinery 29, addresses this very issue with her article about her topless walk through Manhattan:  Topless Women NYC – Laws About Being Naked 2013.

The first comment accuses the article of not following its own advice: “So you’re willing to write about the freedom of baring one’s breasts but can’t bring yourself to show one…or two?” What do YOU think? Is the article hypocritical? Or is it making a statement with the photos?

For more information about Elizabeth Siematkowski and her topless walk, look into her coalition, Toplessblading, and other protest groups, such as GoTopless.

For further discussion on publicly baring breasts, look at Jug Report’s piece: Nursing Mothers Unite!


3 thoughts on “NYC Women Fight Summer Heat and Double Standards

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