The Lingerie Doctors: Lifetime’s “Double Divas”

Lifetime has finally done it. Yes, the network has finally found its answer to TLC’s Long Island Medium. Except this time, we’re in the South, and the subjects aren’t speaking to the dead.

source: Double Divas, Lifetime

source: Double Divas, Lifetime

Cynthia Decker and Molly Hopkins call themselves the “Doctors of Lingerie.” These two “country girls” own a bra-fitting boutique called LiviRae (named after their daughters) outside of Atlanta, Georgia, that prides itself on being able to fit women of all sizes: “No bust too big or small! We fit them all!” And now they are in their second season of their reality TV show, Double Divas. Yes, you heard me right: Lifetime has a show dedicated to bra-fitting.

But it’s not your average fashion advice show – Cynthia and Molly also help women find solutions that are not available in normal stores. They provide mastectomy bras, nursing bras, and even bras of sizes that most people believe only exist in jokes. Yes, LiviRae offers bras up to cup size N. And if the available bras don’t work, Cynthia and Molly are not afraid to become resourceful, such as offering a mastectomy bra to a woman who needed to be able to place ice packs on her chest.

source: Double Divas, Lifetime

source: Double Divas, Lifetime

But Cynthia and Molly don’t stay put in their boutique. Like Long Island Medium’s Theresa Caputo, can’t contain themselves. On the way to go hunting with their husbands (I mentioned this was the deep South, right?), they pass by a fast food drive thru. As the food is handed to them by a female employee, both Molly and Cynthia insist on giving her bra tips. The same happens when when the two bump into Abby Lee Miller, the infamous dance teacher from Dance Moms. The founders of LiviRae are loud, outspoken, and fearless. And they are proud of it.

While I question the show’s focus on what the customers’ husbands think of the lingerie, I am impressed by the bra fitting skills exhibited. The show portrays all aspects of a professional fitting, including the way the fitter puts a bra on their customer. The tactics used at LiviRae resemble the same ones used at specialty bra stores like Intimacy (see Jug Report’s Resources page). Molly and Cynthia clearly understand the fine mechanics of true bra fitting. They don’t just rely on the generic measurements of large brands like Victoria’s Secret; they work to find the right bra for the specific person. They don’t restrict themselves, knowing that measurements vary from bra to bra (and from person to person). Together, Cynthia and Molly are working to raise awareness that there is indeed a wide range of body types, and each woman deserves to be properly fitted and well supported.

For a good laugh, and an insight into the world of specialty bra fitting, tune into Lifetime on Tuesdays at 10PM.


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