Scientist Says Go Braless

Granted, he is french. But Jean-Denis Rouillon’s 15-year study presents some very interesting findings: it seems bras might not be as beneficial as we were once led to believe.

source: free!grechen

source: free!grechen

Countless women, and men, have put time, energy, and money into the bra industry. Bras are supposed to decrease back pain and breast sagging, but Rouillon’s study suggests otherwise. Rouillon, from the the University of Besançon, reported his study on April 10, 2013. He found from all of his subjects (hundreds of women, aged 18 to 35) that bras actually resulted in more back pain and breast sagging. One subject, Capucine (a 28-year old woman), claimed that she could breathe more easily after having not worn a bra for two years.

Even after years of extensive research, the study seems to have glaring holes. The Huffington Post brings up a very important point: the study did not report the breast sizes of the subjects. As us bustier women know, it can be extremely uncomfortable to go without a bra, study or no study. When it comes to discussion about breast size, heavier chested women are often disregarded. In fact, most of the population does not realize that there are cup sizes bigger than DD’s.

85% of women are not wearing the correct bra size. In fact, most women do not even understand the bra’s mechanics. Yes, bras are more complicated than the normal consumer realizes. Despite popular belief, the bra’s band provides most of the support. Based on these overwhelmingly common misconceptions, I doubt Rouillon took this into consideration during his study. Since most of the female population is wearing the wrong bra size, it’s no wonder that bras are causing the very problems they intend to eliminate.

No matter what, it is very important to provide breasts with the best support possible. If that means no bra, fantastic. Trust me, I’m envious. For those of us who do still rely on the undergarment, go to Jug Report’s Guest Interview with Nancy the Bra Fitter for proper guidance.


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