Role Model: Mary Lambert

Tonight, the internet exploded once Mary Lambert took the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards. Not only did she, Macklemore, and Ryan Lewis win the Best Social Message for their song, “Same Love,” but she also got to sing with Jennifer Hudson when they performed the song.

source: MTV Act Blog

source: MTV Act Blog

I am ashamed to say that I had no idea who she was. I had heard about the “Macklemore song about gay marriage” and wondered about the female singer, but otherwise I knew very little. The moment she stood up to accept the award, I was intrigued by her joy and easy confidence. Completely clueless, I started researching and soon realized I had made a wonderful discovery. Yes, she is the co-writer and featured singer in “Same Love,” but her work began in 2012 with her EP “Letters Don’t Talk.” Since her success with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, she’s done some solo work, including her new song “She Keeps Me Warm.” She’s also written a book of poetry titled “500 Tips for Fat Girls.”

As an out lesbian, Mary Lambert has received a lot of attention from the gay rights community. After the VMAs tonight, she’s gotten even more attention: fandoms blew up when Macklemore and Ryan Lewis gave the acceptance speeches, seemingly including Lambert as simply an “afterthought.” This especially angered internet users since Lambert is the only out gay member on the song’s team (a song in support of gay marriage), and yet the cis white males were the ones to officially accept the award.

Yet, Mary Lambert conducted herself with elegance pride, which continued when the team performed “Same Love.” The performance sparked a lot of excitement when Jennifer Hudson took the stage, singing opposite Lambert. To my excitement, Hudson, a straight woman, did not change Lambert’s lyrics and therefore sang the part of a gay woman. It was a wonderful moment of extreme respect and solidarity.

Mary Lambert continues to spread awareness for the gay community and body image issues, especially with her spoken-word pieces that are spreading across the internet. Her most popular piece, “Body Love,” discusses body image issues and the dangers of needing to feel wanted. This piece inspires strength and resilience, and calls for self love.

“To me, most curvy women end up having to navigate themselves through a frustrating process to find self-love. I think that that navigation to self-love is universal.” – Mary Lambert


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