Guest Post: The Necessity of the Bra

Bianca Brooks, an intern for Youth Radio, produced an Intern Podcast to explore the symbolism behind bras. Here on Jug Report, she shares what inspired her piece. Be sure to click on the link below to hear her podcast!


The inspiration for this podcast came from a visit I took to the San Francisco Exploratorium’s mental health exhibit that examined our ideas of what “normal” really means, and the things in our lives that act as restraints.

The interesting part of the exhibit was that it examined societal restraints that went far beyond handcuffs and red tape– there was a box filled with things like high-heels, cigarettes, and fast food. I began to see restraint as a more complex thing, and began to define it as anything that keeps us from performing at the full capacity of who we’re meant to be. That’s where  my “The Necessity of the Bra” piece began as I looked at the deeper meaning of the restrictions we place on ourselves and women in society.

Here is an excerpt from Bianca’s podcast:

“Let’s be clear– I didn’t start wearing a bra because I really wanted one but rather, because all the fifth grade girls called me disgusting for not wearing one. They mocked and teased me to the point where I insisted my mom buy me one in order to protect the little chest and dignity I had. But the truth is I wasn’t ready to grow up, and even at 10 years old I knew that once I got a bra I was no longer a little girl, but instead something much more ‘mature.’ ”


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