Van Voast Settlement Announced!

Source: Policy Mic

Source: Policy Mic

It’s official – Holly Van Voast has won her suit against the NYPD! The $40,000 settlement is for 10 incidences where she was arrested for going topless, even though she was legally allowed to do so in New York City. According to Van Voast’s lawyer, Ron Kuby, this lawsuit is the reason behind recent memos about the topless law that were delivered to the NYPD. When Holly Van Voast first created her character Harvey Van Toast, she had no idea what kind of trouble she would get in with the police. “I thought officers would leave me alone when I started because I thought they knew it was legal,” she says. Now, Van Voast is living in Kentucky working on future artistic projects.

For more information about Holly Van Voast’s story, go to Jug Report’s piece Holly Van Voast: “What Nightmares Are Made Of”


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