Photo on 3-21-14 at 9.43 PMMy “titspiration” is my fingers. Not them specifically, but what they represent. When I was younger, I always wished that they were thinner, like Disney princess fingers. I thought that’s what women’s fingers were supposed to look like. But now, I’ve seen enough women’s fingers to realize that isn’t true. And I’ve discovered something else – my fingers can do much more than be dainty.

My fingers move. They help me tell the stories I want to share. They help me knit scarves and hats, and maybe one day a sweater. I use them to scribble my thoughts in a notebook, or rip a sheet of paper if I’m angry. With them, I can comb my hair or hold a book. When it comes to body appreciation, I have a lot to work on. Throughout most of the day, I will critique every roll and every imperfection. And yes, I still don’t love how my fingers look. But they do inspire me – they help me realize that beauty doesn’t come from aesthetics, but from creation. My fingers create so much, and I never want to forget that.

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4 thoughts on “TITSPIRATION 1 | My Fingers

  1. Once again, you are wise beyond your years. Just this week I was watching my son play with the veins on the back of my hand, thinking about how I’ve always wanted long, beautiful nails (tho apparently not enough to actually do something to make that happen.) But to my son, my hands are perfect. Beautiful, even. It’s all in the perspective.

  2. I used to have beautiful hands–long, slender fingers, long nails. Now my hands are strong and my nails are short. I use my hands to heal. They look perfect to me.

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