Katharine Murphy shares her #titspiration: her body.


For the first time in my life I’ve found refuge in my whole body. My body is one machine made of many parts, parts that I objectified for too long. My feet were to look dainty in sandals, my vulva was to be fetishized and fucked, my mannerisms were waiting to catch somebody’s eye, and my breasts were to be hidden yet seductively exposed for someone else’s pleasure. But my body simply wasn’t made for anyone else. I don’t want to worry about its inadequacy or modify its presentation for an anonymous third party. My body is not an exhibit. My body is my home and my livelihood.

I found refuge in my body once I started dancing. I move my body whatever way it wants and however makes us happy. Now when people dance with me or watch me dance I feel understood. Instead of quiet parts waiting for a consultation, my body is a solid vehicle of unified parts relaying my messages to the world. Body objectification is silencing. Body objectification teaches us that our bodies are meant to serve others. My body serves itself and above all, dresses in my truths.

For more information about body objectification, check out this comprehensive video made by Laci Green.

Interested in Project #Titspiration? Submit your own to jugreport@gmail.com!


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