Andrea Tirrell shares her #titspiration: her hair.


I remember the first time I decided to shave my legs quite vividly. It was in 5th grade, the day of our spring field trip to Barn Island, a marshy, woodland area located in my home town. I wanted to wear shorts, but I felt as if I would be made fun of by other girls in my class because most had already started shaving, and I hadn’t. From then on, until about senior year of high school, I habitually shaved out of fear of being outcasted, by both male and female peers.

Being a naturally hairy person was not my only insecurity. I thought I was too curvy and too tall, I thought my feet were enormous and I thought my face was ugly. The day I began to accept my self and my flaws was the day I took my body back as my own.

I choose not to shave my armpits because I love my hair. I love that my body feels more like home, and I love that I get to make the decision. I shave my legs less frequently, but only when it is my choice to do so. This feeling of being in control of my own body has brought about a new love for myself and a new love for my body. I also feel as though I can appreciate the beauty of all bodies. We were all made up of the same earthly matter; therefore our human form is naturally beautiful. We are all creatures with so much to offer the world and we should not be held back by societal norms or pressures. Appreciate the beauty you are! You are of the earth, after all.

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