TITSPIRATION 8 | My Sense of Humor

Rebecca Twiggs shares her #titspiration: her sense of humor.


My #titspiration would have to be my sense of humor. I love making people laugh, as I believe the sound of genuine laughter is beautiful. 

When I was younger, I was shy to let this part me show, as I was taught that it was unappealing, that only boys could make jokes. I still sometimes hear those remarks, but for the most part the people around me like my comedic side.

And being a performer, it’s empowering to be chosen for the comedic role (even if it was written for a male), being set as an example for improv scenes, or be given permission to go off script and do your own jokes.

A while ago, one of the little ones from my Girlscout troop told me that she wanted to be funny like me when she got older. This will go down as the most encouraging coment I have ever heard, as not only have I inspired someone, this little girl knows comedy is not just for boys.

Interested in Project #Titspiration? Submit your own to jugreport@gmail.com!


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