Jug Report: A Year to Bare All

Yeah, I think that pretty much says it all. “A Year Exposed” is too suggestive, and “My November Issue” is best saved for a rainy day (that’s right – mark your calendars). But seriously, how else could I describe the year that I decided to write about my body on the internet? And no, I’m not asking for recommendations. Well, I guess there is one other way: the title of the blog itself, Jug Report.

To be honest, I’ve never really liked the word “jug.” I’m more fond of the simplistic “tit,” or even the clinical “breast.” But jug had the kind of brute honesty that I was looking for. It allowed me to take ownership of my form, in all of its flawed glory. No judgement, just sincerity. Granted, “Jug Report” was a bit more direct than I was expecting, but it was certainly catchy. It caught people’s eye, had a nice ring to it, and laid everything out on the table (desktop, if we’re being honest). It was even worth being mistaken for a porn site. But the true magic of this experience came after I settled on the name. The power of this past year came from the stories I discovered and the people I met. When I started, I thought I was just gonna keep posting my inner ramblings. I had no idea what was about to undress before me.

The Top Five Moments Jug Report Allowed Us to Bare All:


5. It’s Complimentary My Dear
The very first piece I wrote for Jug Report, and the event that convinced me it was time to start writing about boobs.


Photographer: Graeme Mitchell

4. Holly Van Voast
This street performer broke boundaries people didn’t even know existed. She challenged the concept of art and what it means to follow one’s dream. My interview with her, the first one I ever did in person, will stay with me long after Jug Report becomes a fond memory. She proves one can bare all without removing a shirt.





3. My Scary Boobs
One of my most personal pieces, “For Heavy-Breasted Girls,” is cross-posted on Feminspire as Why My Big Boobs Used To Be Scary and then picked up by Huffington Post. Kind of strange when I had family members quoting it to me.


Photo on 3-7-14 at 10.24 PM

2. Project Titspiration
When we all had a chance to bare all, and honestly appreciate what our bodies have to say about ourselves. The project continues, so it’s not too late to submit your own.


source: Refinery 29

1. ToplessBladingTM
Cousins Elizabeth Siematkowski and Rachael Yaeger revolutionized Instagram with their account dedicated to rollerblading and toplessness. They proved that blogs like Jug Report have a place in the discussion, and that people can make a difference by baring all. They were one of the first stories I reported on, and after an ongoing discussion, I will be posting my interviews with the cousins very shortly.


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