What Is Women’s Health? Hobby Lobby Might Need A Refresher

Health is more nuanced than we think. In out society, we think everything, including health, is easily divided into strict categories. Good or evil, tall or short, boy or girl, and healthy or not healthy. That’s it, those are the definitions. No room for a spectrum of possibilities, no allowances for those who fall outside of that range. We like categorizing – it’s a simple and decisive way of viewing the world. It helps us understand the larger concept. But unfortunately, our society has missed a step. We’ve learned the basic timeline, but we haven’t gone back to discover the infinite number of decimal points between 0 and 10. All human beings are different – one person’s healthy is another person’s ailing. That’s why the original food pyramid doesn’t apply to everyone. We all need different things, so it is up to each individual to figure out what they need to keep themselves physically and mentally fit.

hobby lobby

And that boils down to choice. I know what foods are unhealthy for me and most importantly, I know what foods help me make smarter decisions in the future (when I have a protein-heavy breakfast, I function better throughout the day). I know my body, and I know what I need in order to accomplish the things I want to do with my life. And that includes birth control. Sexual health is extremely important, but what everyone needs to realize is that it is just as nuanced as the food pyramid should be. When it comes to sexuality, everyone has different desires and levels of comfort.

Sex is a part of life, whether or not we’d like to admit it. It influences many relationships and life decisions, and it helps many people get in touch with their bodies. It is a natural thing, and something that requires self-exploration. No one else can discover these things or decide what’s good or bad, especially not the government. Sex is about consent, but only between the individuals engaged in the act. The government can simply provide the necessary tools and information we need to have healthy sexual acts that we as individuals are comfortable with.

birth control

I get to decide if there’s birth control I am comfortable with. decide if and when I want to have a baby. If I want to have a baby with someone else, we get to make these choices. No one can tell me that I shouldn’t have a baby. No one can tell me that I should have a baby. All I need to know are the healthy alternatives and the consequences of all possible actions. The rest is up to me.

Birth control is a women’s health issue, therefore a human health issue. Since, believe it or not, women are human, women’s health is inherently human health. Furthermore, birth control affects everyone – the choice to rear a child impacts everyone involved. Besides, the hazards of STDs affects everyone, even people who aren’t engaged in sex (yes, that’s right, birth control also helps regulate the transmission of STDs). But when it comes to pregnancy, women are the ones with the fertilized egg in their bodies.

Company heads may have particular beliefs, but that does not mean that the entire company should follow suit. A company is not a single entity – they are not human beings. If a company is not comfortable with birth control, then it doesn’t have to use it. You know, when it finds a way to become human and have sex itself.


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