Donate to Dylan’s Top Surgery Fund!

Dylan Kapit, a student at Barnard College, and their partner are working to raise money for Dylan’s top surgery. Here is their story – and be sure to donate and spread the word if you can!


Dylan Kapit


Hey everyone!

I’m making this page on behalf of my partner, Dylan. They are a psychology and education major at Barnard College and they want to be a special education teacher. We have been together for almost 2 years.

Over these past 2 years, Dylan has expressed an increasingly strong desire to have top surgery, which is a surgical procedure to remove breast tissue.  Why? In their words, “having [breasts] makes me feel like a stranger to myself.”

Dylan is genderqueer, and having the body they have right now makes everything a struggle. Getting dressed in the morning, finding clothes that fit, and feeling comfortable in their body is incredibly difficult.  They know that having top surgery would help, but neither of us have the funds to pay for it. We are both working college students, and coming up with extra money for an endeavor this expensive is challenging.  So, while we save up, we would love the help of our fellow queers and allies. Every penny counts!

Please help my partner have the chance to live in a body that truly feels like home!

Donate here.


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