Sometimes a Bad-fitting Bra is Just a Bra…

A lot of things have been happening lately. I’m a recent college grad, I just moved into my first apartment, and I’m in the process of figuring out where I need to register to vote (yes, that was a not so subtle hint to go out and do the same – we need everyone’s voice in this election). And yet, I feel like I haven’t written on this site in forever. I want to say this wasn’t a choice, that life just kept getting in the way and I was at the mercy of its busy schedule. That wouldn’t be entirely true, though. At least, not exactly.


It’s easy to call “life” an obstacle, to use it as a scapegoat when things just get way too busy. When you find yourself no longer making time for the things you love. But the honest truth is, this was a choice. Mental health and lack of boob-related anecdotes kept me away from reporting. Instead, I decided to focus completely on this ever-elusive idea of “adulting.” You know, staying on top of the rent, and making sure I prepare healthy meals instead of just boiling pasta. One part of my brain says this shouldn’t be hard to do, and yet another part realizes that this is exactly what I should be doing. Figuring out your new identity as an adult can take some time, especially when the unexpected is not the unexpected you expected. But that’s enough philosophizing.

What I actually want to talk about is a box of bras.

It was a last minute purchase, a vague attempt at being on top of things. When it comes to bras, I have pretty
much accepted the fact that most will not fit me. I have figured out the sizes I can maneuver into, and I order bras close to those sizes. For the first time, however, I got bras that were entirely too big. I never in a million years thought I would write that sentence. Bras either barely fit me or are too small, not the other way around. I mean, honestly, I didn’t think I would ever encounter a bra that would be too big for me. But I did – a whole bunch of bras to be exact. For the first time, my failure at being an adult made me grin with joy. I actually got to experience what people with smaller bust sizes must deal with all the time.

Jug ReportI know this sounds little and even insignificant, but it got me out of my overly-controlling mind. There is no way in hell I’m going to find my way through post-grad life by following a set path. Not to get too metaphorical, but things are gonna happen that are outside of my control. Things are gonna go completely and utterly wrong, but that doesn’t mean I have to let it control my life. So I ordered the wrong bra size – I can exchange them no problem. Sure, seems like a hassle, but this mistake brought me more joy than a box of correct bras ever could. I’m done overthinking things. I’m done obsessing over what I “should” be doing instead of actually doing the things that I want and need to do.

Pretty much, this is all to say that the Jug Reporter is officially back in business, even if she does have to wait a few extra weeks to be fully supported in the chest area. Don’t say I didn’t warn you


5 thoughts on “Sometimes a Bad-fitting Bra is Just a Bra…

  1. Well said, as always, and welcome back! Only thing worse for me than bra shopping in my going-on-52 years, now, is bathing-suit shopping. Just aargh. But, as usual, you captured it and spun me around in a new direction. Thanks. Meantime, there’s a new kickstarter campaign to create the perfect bra — knixwear — you might want to check them out. Maybe they can sponsor the jug report ;). I can’t say their bra is the perfect fit, yet — but they are really trying to fit ALL sizes of bodies and eventually I guess they’ll get to all sizes of boobs. Besides, it came as close as anything else :), and it came in the mail! :)

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