Why Last Night’s Presidential Debate Makes Me Boil Over

Oh, there are just so many wonderfully horrific things to be said about the 2016 election, let alone last night’s presidential debate. I’ve tried to bite my tongue, mainly because I feel like Trump’s only in this position because of all the obsessively negative press about this campaign. You know what they say about reality TV stars – viewers love to hate. Unfortunately, when it comes to Trump, I think there really isn’t any such thing as bad press.

But at this point, I am seething. How can people still be considering this buffoon in tailored clothing? I get how Trump became a nominee for president. I get how our political climate led to this embarrassment. The fact that he is still being so strongly considered just shows how little respect our society has for marginalized identities. If Secretary Clinton were a white man, no one would stand for Donald Trump’s actions. If Trump made fun of able white people the way he mocks people with disabilities, he wouldn’t even have made it to the primary.

There are so many things to talk about, from Trump’s ridiculous “stamina” claims to his Birther lies, but what I can’t get past at the moment is Trump’s comments about Clinton’s “tremendous commercials.” Yes, Clinton has endorsed ads that hit on Trump’s rampant sexism. Are they a bit petty? Sure, but they don’t even compare to what Trump has gleefully said about the American people and countless others around the world. Trump claims to be proud that he didn’t say anything “rough” about Clinton last night, so how can he stand what he’s said in the past?

To be honest, I don’t care if the following video is an ad. Clinton has a responsibility to make sure Trump doesn’t get elected, and people need to know what monstrous effect this man can have, even if some love to hate him.


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