Is Trump Right About Miss Universe Alicia Machado?

No. One hundred million times no.

But… I see Trump’s reasoning. I mean, I see the logic of his reasoning. As far as Trump is concerned, there are specific qualifications for Miss Universe. I don’t know what they officially are having never watched a beauty pageant myself, but a basic one is that Miss Universe has to be physically attractive. Even if it’s not written in a rulebook, it’s understood. Trump has a rationale for the inner workings of Miss Universe – his rules make sense to him. And as a co-owner in 1996 during Alicia Machado’s inauguration (nomination? acceptance?), he was one of the people who set those rules. He co-created that world.

Take any fantasy book you’ve read, Harry Potter for instance, and think about how that world is created. No matter how fantastical Hogwarts is, J.K. Rowling stays within the confines of the reality she created. Rules were established (such as owls delivering letters), and these rules are kept (unless I’m forgetting an infamous scene where a newt delivers a package). If a rule is broken, there is a rational within the universe that explains it. Sticking with my owl/newt theory, Rowling could explain that Harry’s owl was momentarily put under a spell as a newt. Which would work, because many creatures and things had been transfigured throughout the books. We accept Rowling’s world of Harry Potter because these rules make sense, but we are also aware that this is Rowling’s imagination.

This is the way Donald Trump thinks about Miss Universe. He has an understanding of how the world of Miss Universe is created: it’s a job with a very specific requirement. The only problem is Trump doesn’t realize that he’s imposing his own ideals on society. Miss Universe has to be a beautiful woman that fits HIS definition of beauty. The fantasy is Trump believes that weight is a defining feature of beauty – he is utterly convinced that this is a universally accepted definition. Or, at the very least, he assumed his co-owner status gave him the right to set the definition. But there’s a major difference here – Hogwarts is fictional, and Miss Universe involves real living people. Trump doesn’t seem to realize that the world of Miss Universe is fabricated.

What’s dangerous is that I buy his reality. He doesn’t go off book or randomly introduce a concept that doesn’t make sense. Of course he would have a problem with Machado gaining weight. That made her unattractive in his eyes – something had to be done. This doesn’t surprise me or feel out of place. What’s worse is that Trump’s supporters agree with him, and I don’t blame them. He’s being logical, which is far scarier than him being an idiot. He has a rationale to back up his delusions. Trump could actually follow through with his ideas – when people agree with what he believes, his ideas make sense. Plus, he knows how to use the media to create a scandal or confirm people’s fears, as his Twitter account shows:

People, myself included, keep saying that we’re dealing with an idiot that we shouldn’t take seriously. But I am wrong – we should take him VERY SERIOUSLY. If we underestimate him, he will win. Trump may do stupid things, but he’s smart enough to get out of them. I don’t want to keep bringing attention to this man – I think that’s what got him the nomination in the first place – but now we have no choice. We have to talk about him, we have to do something about him. But the only way to do that is to accept what he is capable of. We can’t just dismiss his reality.



2 thoughts on “Is Trump Right About Miss Universe Alicia Machado?

  1. The reason why using Machado to impugn Trump works is that it is an obvious example in his lifelong pattern of objectifying ALL women, basing their worth on his estimation of their physical beauty. You can see in the video where he has her exercise before reporters that she isn’t remotely unattractive, and also not “50 or 60 pounds” heavier than when she won Miss Universe. She just isn’t as extraordinarily (many would say unhealthfully) thin as before. It accurately depicts Trump as the chauvinist pig he remains to this day.

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