Role Model: She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters)

“But the benefit of being a Hulk is that if you’re having a bad day…it’s usually pretty easy to find someone deserving a punch in the face.” – Jennifer Walters (Earth-616)


Role Model: Mary Lambert

Tonight, the internet exploded once Mary Lambert took the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards. Not only did she, Macklemore, and Ryan Lewis win the Best Social Message for their song, “Same Love,” but she also got to sing with Jennifer Hudson when they performed the song.

Role Model: Dolly Parton

Yes, it’s about time we had a piece about Dolly Parton. But some of you might be wondering if she could actually be considered a Role Model. It’s no secret that her chest has a receipt for $3,000. In our society, breast implants are often looked down upon (no pun intended). People assume that those…