Boobs: A Monologue

I grew up terrified. I covered myself as much as I possibly could, the way I was supposed to, just to avoid the slightest possibility of someone leering at me. To avoid the stares and whispers, the gasps when people realized my true age.

Don’t Put Boobies in a Corner

In high school, for whatever reason, my friends were especially huggy. Some might have even called us handsy. I always assumed this was because we were very close and, well, in our school’s Gay Straight Alliance – all our frank discussions about sexual orientation and equality made us feel safe around each other. However, I…

The Angelina Jolie Outcry

I just couldn’t understand why everyone felt the need to endlessly praise Angelina Jolie as if she had done something earth shattering. In my mind, her decision was not a daring one – it wasn’t even controversial. No one would question Jolie’s choice to protect herself and her family from the heartache of cancer, especially when she had the resources to do so. Right?

It’s Complimentary, My Dear

I have rarely ever been catcalled. While I have mainly felt relieved, I have sometimes feared that this reflects my level of attractiveness. However, my clothing choices have been greatly influenced by my fear of receiving, well, unsolicited advances. Thanks to the size of my chest, I have feared being seen as simply a pair…